Washington D.C. has legalized smoking marijuana, but how much do you really know about the new law?

It's good times for pot smokers in D.C.  After years of debate about the matter, in February 2015 it became legal to possess marijuana in the District of Columbia. The law is a major step in the direction towards overall liberalism.  However, how liberal is this new law?  Here are 8 facts you may not know about Washington D.C.'s legalization law: 1. You can't have a lot of it.  It is legal for a person who is at least 21-years-old to possess no more than two ounces of marijuana.  A person can also cultivate within their residence up to six marijuana plants.  However, the law requires that no more than three of these plants can be mature.  So, you can have it (and you can even grow it), but it must be within the established limit. 2. Selling it is still illegal.  Thre is no tax-and-regulate system in place in the District of Columbia.  Under Initiative 71, you can indeed possess it.  However, the means to obtaining it is a whole different matter. 3. There are no marijuana dispensaries for public use.  You need a medical card to purchase marijuana at a medical dispensary.  Patients must obtain a doctor's order to have this privilege, and can receive medical marijuana for any condition approved by a physician.  You can also make a purchase if you have a medical card from another state. 4. You cannot smoke pot in public.  That's right.  A person must be on private property to smoke, eat or even drink cannibus.  You also cannot hold or carry a lighted roll of paper filled with marijuana in public.  So be very careful, tourists!
5. Do not operate a vehicle while under the influence.   Sure, your vehicle is considered your personal property.  However, you will be arrested for operating a vehicle or boat under the influence of pot.  There is no way around that! 6. D.C. is very creative.  There are ways to obtain marijuana legally.  A loophole does exists in this law. A person can buy pot from donation sellers, because gifting up to one ounce of cannibis is legal.  There are a number of businesses in the nation's capital that sell bags, art, t-shirts and other things with a complimentary nugget of appreciation. The best advice is simply to be careful and follow the law.  It's a simple one, and a bit too stingy for many; however, the law is the law.  And just like any law, this particular one is as silver clad as any other.

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