Here are six ways to show your furry child that you love them on National Pet Day.

National Pet Day is Thursday, April 11, so get your hearts and wallets ready to spoil your furry children for one day (let's be honest, we spoil them every day, amirite?). We've compiled a list of the best ways to celebrate those precious pets that you're so privileged to have in your life. 

Check out these six ways you can spoil your pet:

Throw Them a Party

Okay, hear me out. Throwing your pet a purrty (pun intended) is not weird; it's awesome! Your friends may judge you, but you get to spend time with lots of other dogs or cats for the day. Who's laughing now? Bonus, pets look adorable in their party hats. Invite all of your friends with pets and arrange for a play date -- they (meaning you) get the social interaction that they (*cough* you) need and will feel very special as the dog or cat (er, person) of the day! We recommend: baking them a cake, setting up some doggy decorations, arranging a game of fetch, and tossing some tennis balls on the floor for them to play with. 

Buy Them Their Favorite Toys

Courtesy of Kyle Kittleson

Every dog (and the occasional cat) loves a good trip to Petco, Petsmart, or other local pet store because they get to wander around the aisles saying hello to the staff and strangers and then eventually pick out their next chew toy! Just try to refrain from getting upset when they tear out all the fluff and carry the carcass around for weeks -- if that's what they love to do, then let them do it! Pro tip: If you check your local thrift store for stuffed animals, it's less harsh on the wallet and still provides the same amount of joy. This is a great way to celebrate your pet on National Pet Day because they get a little something extra and it brings joy to you because you made them smile. 

Buy Them Their Favorite Treat

Courtesy of Christina-lovegood.tumbler

Whether it be ice cream, a Puppacinno from Starbucks, a hot dog, or Scooby Snacks, a favorite snack is sure to satisfy your pet's belly. For the kitties, we recommend sprinkling some catnip on the cat tower or scratcher and watch the magic unfold -- it's a double whammy because you get a solid show and they get to sniff or roll around in their favorite treat. 

Take Them on a Walk or to the Park

Courtesy of Caitlin Helveston

When can you ever go wrong with taking your dog, or cat, for a walk? They get some much-needed exercise and will be more likely to take a long nap while you are at work. Admit it, you love seeing them so excited as you are prepping them for a walk/run/jog! Best case scenario: There are other dogs there! Your pet will get to socialize with other animals and come home with a big ol' smile on their face. Bonus, you get some exercise, too, leaving you motivated for the rest of the day and more likely to be productive. 

Give Them a Massage or Extra Belly Rubs

Courtesy of Giphy

This is the ultimate way to spoil your pet because they love getting as much attention as they can. Cat owners, please refrain from touching the belly for too long -- I learned the hard way. Cats only need a few seconds of lovings before they tell you to kindly (in some cases) stop touching them. Stay within the designated areas such as butt, head, ears, and back. As for dogs, they will take as much love and attention as they can get. Even better, brush them -- you get some of the shedding hair off, leaving them extra soft and fluffy! 

Photo Shoot

Courtesy of Caitlin Helveston

Let's face it, the photo shoot is more for you rather than your pet ... unless they love the attention. Just think, "My pet gets love and attention from the photographer, and I get amazing shots to plaster around my home" -- win, win! Who doesn't love getting their photo taken? Cats, definitely cats. Check with your local photography studios to set up a session -- they can run anywhere from $100 an hour to $300, depending on the quality you are looking for. 

This will be your pet by the end of the day:

Courtesy of Reddit

**Featured photo courtesy of Puppy Leaks

Did we list your favorite way to spoil your pet? How do you plan to celebrate National Pet Day? Tell us in the comments!