We found some of the craziest laws on the New Jersey books.

If you look long and hard enough, you can find some pretty crazy laws in every state. Archaic or not, here are eight New Jersey laws that are still in effect!  

1. You Can't Slurp Soup 

If you're enjoying a nice hot bowl of soup, you better not make a single peep! Nobody wants to hear that gross slurping sound, and if you do slurp your soup, you could end up in the slammer. What do we have to do to enforce manners, people?

2. A Man Can't Knit During Fishing Season 

Sorry, guys! If your passion is knitting, you're just going to have to hold off until the fishing season comes to a close. Get back to fishing!

3. No One May Annoy Someone of the Opposite Sex 

This law in Haddon, New Jersey, has spoken (but if you're in the mood to annoy someone of the same gender, it seems that you're good to go!).

4. You're Not Allowed to Frown at Police Officers 

When you see a person in uniform? Remember to turn those frowns upside down!

5. You Need a Doctor's Note to Buy Ice Cream After 6 p.m. 

An ice cream a day keeps the doctor away? Not sure how all those Newark ice cream shops stay in business in the evenings!

6. You Can't Pump Your Own Gas 

This is the famous law that nearly everyone has heard about! If you're from out of state, this one takes some getting used to.

7. You Can't Curse 

If your journeys in New Jersey take you to Raritan Borough, remember to keep your language clean!

8. Cats Must Wear Bells to Warn Birds of Their Whereabouts 

No bird shall get harmed -- at least without warning -- in Creskill.

What do you think of these laws? Are there any other crazy laws you know of? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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