8 Things Washington D.C. is Number One At

If you already thought you lived in the best city, you’re right! Here are 8 things Washington D.C. ranks number one at.

1.Best at Wining

Washington D.C. ranks Maybe it’s the 24/7 crowds or maybe it’s the busy metro station. Whatever it is, Washington D.C. ranks as the number one place in the country for wine consumption. Is it that we’re all wine snobs, or are we all really stressed? You decide.

2.Walk anywhere here

Washington D.C. ranks This could be why everyone in D.C. has comfortable shoes, because you can in fact walk everywhere. Washington D.C. ranks as number one in the country (even beating out New York and Boston) for being the most walking-accessible. Who even needs a car?

3. Best average income

Washington D.C. ranks It’s no wonder that your coworker can order fast-casual meals every single day. The average salary is $63,680. Keep in mind, you pay a big price to live there too.

4.The most fit

Washington D.C. ranks The American College of Sports Medicine’s Annual Sport Index ranked Washington D.C. as the most fit! They took into account everything, from community resources that promote physical activity to preventative health.  

5. The most college grads live here

Washington D.C. ranks Washington D.C. ranks as number one for having the most college grads. 50% of people living here have a degree from an accredited 4 year college. That’s just 4 year degress, think of how many people have masters and doctorates!

6.Best at sitting in cars

Washington D.C. ranks If you thought sitting in traffic for an hour was bad, wait until you hear this. D.C. residents spend an AVERAGE of 67 hours per year just sitting in their car because of traffic. If that’s not time wasted, I don’t know what is.

7.The most patient with the mail

Washington D.C. ranks We all know that feeling of eagerly waiting for the new piece of clothing you ordered online. Unfortunately, Washington D.C. ranks as the number one place for having the worst late mail service according to the US Postal Service Inspector General. Maybe waiting for the arrival of packages on time attributes to all of the wine drinking?

8.Best in the country at pay equality

Washington D.C. ranks Washington D.C. is beginning to set standards. Washington D.C. is the best in the country at pay equality. Women still make 10% less than their male counterparts, which obviously needs to change, but it’s better than Louisiana’s statistics where a woman earns 65 cents to every dollar that a man makes.

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