Stop trolling the greeting card aisle at your local grocery store, already -- Put some thought into your Mother's Day card!

We all know the drill. Card, flowers, lunch out at a place that is nice but not SO nice that you get a lecture for wasting your money ... Throw your mom a curveball this year and get her a funny/sarcastic/weird card that she'll happily put up on her fridge.

Here are some of the best cards we could find on Etsy so you can support the starving artists without leaving your couch. Mother's Day is right around the corner, slacker, on May 12. Don't say we didn't remind you!

1. For the Southern Mom

If your mom has never left the house without Lycra on her thighs and can recite most of the scenes from Steel Magnolias, this is the one you should get. This card will likely make your mama cry though, so have some tissues handy. Available only on Etsy, for $3.

card, Steel Magnolias

2. For the Sarcastic Mom

Your mom gets as good as she gives. This one is pretty self-explanatory -- available here on Etsy for $4.40


3. For the Mom with a Sense of Humor

She rolls her eyes but still laughs politely when your dad tells inappropriate jokes. She's known to crack a few herself! This is the card for the mom who's not too sensitive, available here for $4.50.


4. For the Wholesome Mom

She packs you lunches and cuts off the crust. She still says "heck" and "son of a bee" even though you have your own mortgage now. Celebrate the wholesome mom with this cute punny card available here for $4.50.

card, raisin, funny

5. For the Cool Mom

If your mom bought you concert tickets for your birthday and looked the other way when you had a sip of her wine with dinner, she deserves a card acknowledging how cool she is. This one is available for just $4.50.


6. For the Paranoid Mom

You know the type. You've turned back on more than one occasion to see if the oven/heater/curling iron is off because you can still hear her voice in your head. This card will make her day, and you can get it here for $6.


7. For the Foodie Mom

She taught you the difference between good butter and the cheap stuff. You can always count on excellent meals when it's on her dime. This card is perfect for the foodie mom in your life, and it's only $4.50.


8. For the Low-Tech Mom

She doesn't know how to use Google Maps and prefers to print out pages from Mapquest. Every text is either three paragraphs long or full of spelling mistakes ... and not in a kewl way. The low-tech mom will actually be excited about this card's message, so be prepared for a tutorial after she opens it. Get this card here for $4.50.

greeting card

9. For the Fashion-Challenged Mom

If your mom still owns acid wash and homemade jorts, this is the card for her. Get it here for $4.50.

greeting card

Do you have another source for funny cards that you prefer? Drop us a link in the comments!

**All photos in this article are courtesy of Etsy and their individual sellers. See the links above for more information.