Introducing the new "Tamagotchi On – Wonder Garden"!

The virtual pet that we were all obsessed with in the '90s is making a comeback!

Tamagotchi On – Wonder Garden will launch July 26, and pre-orders are already being taken at Amazon, GameStop, Target, and Walmart. The new toy is selling for $59.99!

It comes in lavender and turquoise and has a bunch of new features. Wonder Garden will still feature the original virtual pets, but the technology has been improved (mufti-colored graphics, anyone?). Connect to a mobile app, and then head out, watch as they grow up to get married and have their own little virtual family.

Tamagotchi, made by Japanese toy company Bandai, released a version of the classic toy last year; the Fairy & Magic Tamagotchi, which was very popular. 

Tamagotchi first hit the scene in 1996 in Japan, then made its way to the hands of children worldwide in 1997. Needing real-time feeding and care the toys were a huge hit, though some '90s kids may have long-lasting memories of the guilt that came with letting one of the digital lives expire. 

Another '90s staple is coming back, Dunkaroos!

It looks like the idea of a virtual pet still has a big appeal, and it's likely this new version of the beloved toy will be a hit. What's your favorite toy from the '90s you would like to see make a comeback? Give us the scoop in the comments.

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