Do you think you know everything about the Capitol of Virginia? Here are some facts about Richmond you probably don’t know.

1. Everyone’s favorite poet grew up in Richmond

Facts about richmond Edgar Allen Poe himself grew up in Richmond. The Edgar Allen Poe museum is home to many of his works as well as some personal effects. It’s also the oldest building in Richmond.

2. The state capitol building has a famous builder

facts about richmond One of the more historically relevant facts about Richmond is that our capitol building was designed by none other than Thomas Jefferson himself.

3. People really like to travel here

One of the least recognized facts about Richmond is that we’re a great travel destination. World Report and The U.S. News named Richmond the “Best Affordable Place to Take a Vacation,” Bloom’s Business Magazine called us “the most fun and affordable U.S. city,” and Frommer’s listed us among destinations like Bali and Scotland on their 2014 Best Destinations list.

4. Our farmers market is really old

facts about richmond The 17th and Main Streets Farmers Market is supposedly one of the oldest in the country. People say that Native Americans once traded produce very close to the same site.

5. Rat Basketball is a thing here

facts about richmond It’s actually a spectator sport at the Science Museum of Virginia. The rats play on a miniature court and… well, you really just have to see it to believe it.

6. We’re part of a world record

Another of the little-known facts about Richmond is that we’re part of a World Record. In June 2011, we participated in setting the record for the Largest Swimming Lesson. We held our lesson in Swansboro Park, while multiple other lessons were held worldwide at the same time to bring attention to the importance of teaching children to swim.

7. We used to have ferret-legging contests

facts about richmond Yeah, really. From 2003-2009, the Richmond Highland Games and Celtic Festival featured a ferret-legging competition. Contestants would put a live ferret in their pants and see how long they could endure it. This is one of those facts about Richmond we’re ok with people not knowing about.

8. People really love living here

facts about richmond It’s been called the “Best U.S. Historical Destination” and it was at the top of Forbes Magazine’s list of top 10 cities for up and coming entrepreneurs. It’s also one of the top 10 cities to see Christmas lights in, one of the top 10 cities for celebrating the Fourth of July, and one of the top cities for keeping it’s New Year’s resolutions. No wonder people call it one of the best cities to live in!  

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