In a city filled with museums, Artechouse stands out.

Quirky, eccentric, and experimental, D.C.'s Artechouse is in a museum class all its own. And since its opening in 2017, the museum has managed to draw more than 200,000 visitors and continues to make the news.

Courtesy of ARTECHOUSE (Facebook)

WHERE: 1238 Maryland Avenue SW, Washington, D.C.
COST: $15 (adults ages 15-64) | $12 (students, seniors, and military), or $8 (children ages 2-14)
CONTACT: Click here 

Dedicated to showcasing experimental works that dapple with technology, Artechouse is not your average, run-of-the-mill art museum. Its main focus is to help "inspire, educate, and empower" others to create and explore new kinds of experimental art as well. 

Artechouse's current exhibits include Julius Horsthuis' "Fractal Worlds" (which involves creative sci-fi worlds and other 3-D patterns out of projections and virtual reality elements) and Marpi's "New Nature" (which deals with the natural world using music, responsive technology, and artificial intelligence). So, as visitors come through and go out of the exhibits, different worlds form and fade away based on their movements. Trippy, right? It's a very different museum experience from, say, the National Archives.

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