Step into the shoes of a sailor for a night and learn all about the historic ships sitting pretty in Charm City's Inner Harbor.

Take your pick from three awesome on-board experiences: a mid-19th century Navy warship (USS Constellation), a World War II era Navy Submarine (USS Torsk), or a Coast Guard Cutter (USCGC Taney) that witnessed the bombing of Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Step into history as you learn all about life on these impressive ships.

The overnight program operates seven days a week, year-round. The cost is $57 per participant and includes two meals (dinner and breakfast), a bed in which to get some shut eye (hammock or bunk, depending on the type of ship), all activities, and a trained educator. But for July and August only, the program is discounted to only $47 per participant. What a perfect summertime activity for youth groups, organizations, and summer camps! Little ones must be at least in first grade to take part in the overnight. But grown-ups are not left out as there is no maximum age-limit for participants. There is a 20-participant minimum per event.

One of the cool overnights is on the USS Torsk submarine. The experience encourages team-work, problem-solving, and hands-on learning. “Overnighters learn about things that are absolutely unique to submarines, including periscopes, torpedoes, buoyancy, and how submarines manage to exist below the surface.”

The experience starts at 5 p.m. After manning the vessel, crew members will feast on submarine sandwiches and ice cream for dinner before lights out at 10 p.m. Then at the 6 a.m. reveille the next morning, breakfast is followed by more educational activities until the 9 a.m. departure. For full information, the schedule for each ship’s program, meal menus, and waiver/release information, please refer to the Historic Ships in Baltimore website.

Have you ever spent the night on one of these ships? How was your experience? Would you recommend this experience? Any tips? Let us know in the comments section below!

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