Word nerds, rejoice! GoogleTrends has compiled a list of the words most frequently entered in "how to spell" searches this year. And bless them, they've organized it by state!

Now, thanks to this list released by GoogleTrends, you can make fun of other states based on the word its residents most frequently misspell (or at least search the spelling of!). Virginia's most frequently misspelled word? "Delicious." "Pneumonia" made the list five times, as did "beautiful." Connecticut and West Virginia residents must be pretty big Mary Poppins fans: their most searched word was "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious." I've gotta say, most of these words are understandable. There are a lot of tricky ones included on the list. Nothing against the good people of Mississippi, though, but "nanny"? Really? That's the one I found most surprising! word Reference the handy color-coded map above to see which states are tripped up by which words!

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