Although oranges are delicious, eating them is actually a whole ordeal.

They’re sticky, juicy, and let’s face it, they’re inconvenient. But, thanks to the subreddit ShowerOrange we have a solution – eating oranges in the shower.  

The page was created after a fellow Redditor mentioned that they eat oranges in the shower on a thread called “What’s something unconventional everyone should try out?” 

The original poster (PHOTON_BANDIT) claims that he discovered the pure bliss of enjoying an orange in the shower from a youth counselor in Italy. 

"Well just think about it. Tearing apart a cold fresh orange with your bare hands, just letting the juices run over your body. Not worrying if you’re going to get sticky, or anything. Just ripping it in half, and tearing into it with your teeth like a savage cannibal who hasn’t eaten in a week! This is the most carnal, ferocious, liberating thing a man can do."

Readers immediately caught on to this sacred activity, and so, ShowerOrange was born. The page became so popular that people began posting their own experiences of eating oranges in the shower. In fact, more than 8,000 Redditors flocked to the page to post photos of their discarded peels lying on the ground. But, don’t worry, there’s no NSFW content here. 

While peeling the skin from a juicy, succulent fruit may seem sexual, the ShowerOrange group has laid down some pretty strict rules – the first being “No Nudity,” adding that “anything but genitalia” is allowed in shower posts, including “feet, legs, arms, bellies, and what have you.” 

Aside from being straight-forward about the no nudity policy, this ShowerOrange rule-maker has also made it clear that users must be kind to one another. 

“Be kind… Comment on others' posts and encourage them to be the best shower orangers they can be.” 

In addition, said rule writer has also prohibited users to photograph grapefruits, deeming them an unacceptable shower citrus choice. Tangerines, satsumas, blood oranges, and clementines, however, are all considered acceptable alternatives. 

Members of this magical community have said that the activity has made them feel reborn, has literally changed their lives, and has destroyed their ability to enjoy an orange on dry land

So, what are you waiting for? Grab an orange and join in this life-changing experience. Then be sure to come back and let us know how it goes!