The Bethesda home of astronaut and American Senator John Glenn sold for $1.32 million on Friday, after five months on the market. 

John Glenn and his wife Annie were the sole owners of the Bethesda home, which was custom-built for them in the 1990s. The five-bedroom home at 7208 Eagle Ridge Place sits on a .65 private acre lot and is touted as having one of the best views in the area -- and also some of the best history.

According to friends, it was the surrounding nature of the Bethesda area that attracted the Glenns to the property almost three decades ago. They could be reminded of their Ohio home while still being close to D.C. for John's career as a U.S. senator.

John and Annie's daughter, Lyn Glenn, says her parents spent many happy years in their Bethesda home and that it gave her father some calm respite from the fast-paced tempo of D.C. life.

“Driving home from the city was his Walden woods,” Lyn says. “When he came home and walked through the door, it really was his haven. I think that was the spirit of the house, that part of his nature that really was sustained by the house.”

John Glenn, the first American to orbit the Earth in 1962, became an Ohio senator after his years as an astronaut. He served on the Senate from 1974 to 1999.

Before joining NASA, Glenn was a distinguished fighter pilot in World War II. During his time in the Air Force, he was awarded six Distinguished Flying Crosses and 18 Air Medals. In 1957, he made the first supersonic transcontinental flight across the United States.

Glenn was selected by NASA as one of the nation's first test pilots, the Mercury Seven, in 1959. In 1962, he flew the Friendship 7 mission, becoming the first American to orbit the earth and the fifth-ever person in space.

As an icon of our era, John Glenn received the Congressional Space Medal of Honor in 1978 and was inducted into the U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame in 1990.

Annie Glenn, age 98, currently lives in Ohio, where she works as an adjunct professor with Ohio State's Speech Pathology Department. In 2009, the university awarded her an honorary Doctorate of Public Service to recognize her lifelong work as an advocate for Americans with disabilities. She was the first-ever national award recipient of the American Speech and Hearing Association in 1983, and she received the first-ever Annie Glenn Award for "achieving distinction despite a communication disorder" in 1987.

The American power couple from Ohio had their Bethesda home custom-built in 1990. The five-bedroom home overlooks the 11th hole of Avenel Golf Course and Rock Run Park. John and Annie Glenn remained married for 73 years until his death in December 2016.

In March, artifacts from Glenn's years as an astronaut went up for auction at the Bethesda house. The priceless mementos included relics from his long career as part of his final estate sale, and guests lined up at the door.

Washington Top News (WTOP) writes of the sale:

Items include mementos of Glenn’s career with NASA, the Senate and the Marine Corps. Decorative and household pieces are also available... A baseball hat with the designation NX-01 on it went for $95.... Don Eggert, of D.C., thought it was a bargain: It’s the registration of the first starship Enterprise, from the prequel series “Star Trek: Enterprise.”

“Here I can get something that I appreciate in science fiction,” Eggert said, “but it belonged to an astronaut who was amazing.

Whoever bought John and Annie Glenn's home just got something amazing, too. They got a piece of America's history.

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