When you ask Karen Cuskey-Hartman, a REALTOR® with Coldwell Banker, what the secret to happiness and well-being is, her answer is simple: hugs. “I believe that eight hugs a day keeps the doctor away,” she says. Hartman, an East Dallas resident for more than 25 years, has always considered herself a social person who craves connection. Her life motto? Leave the world better than how you found it. Therefore, it’s no surprise Hartman has built a network of neighbors-turned-friends in the M-Streets neighborhood she calls home. During the pandemic, like many, Hartman struggled with isolation during quarantine and wanted to do something to reach out and let those around her know they weren’t alone. She grabbed some paint, found a few rocks, and went to work. “I started painting rocks and leaving them on my neighbors’ doorsteps to brighten their day,” she says.

The kind gesture took off, and neighbors wanted to join in on the artistic surprise. “I considered it a Covid hug,” Hartman says. “People kept asking if they could paint with me, so those who I was quarantining with would come over and we would paint together. Then kids kept asking if they could paint, too. It was an activity that kept people connected.”

“Leave the world better than how you found it.”

Before becoming an award-winning and top-producing REALTOR®, Hartman owned an advertising and promotions agency. Her marketing expertise gives her clients a clear advantage. She sells homes quickly and uses clever tactics to break through the clutter. She often pairs homes with charities for the purposes of benefitting both the listing and the brand/charity. One example: turning an empty home listing into an art gallery to cross-pollinate high-income databases with the artist. This tactic not only sold the home, which was previously on the market for triple-digit days, in less than two weeks, it also resulted in the sale of more than $40,000 in art. Although Hartman offices in Coldwell Banker’s Lakewood/Northeast Dallas location, she also has listings throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area, including a $10 million estate in Lucas.

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