Talk about hitting the stacks!

This artistic Instagrammer uses her own personal library to create whimsical digital art. Her name is Elizabeth Sagan, and her innovative images are taking social media by storm.

Calling herself a "bookstagrammer," she dreams up unforgettable scenes straight from her favorite stories and everyday life. From the world of Harry Potter to current novels straight from the bestseller lists, Elizabeth consumes them all.


The object on your left is your weapon of choice in the upcoming July alien invasion 👽. What is it? 📚 Reading update: - I read the Women Are Some Kind of Magic series by Amanda Lovelace, which taught me that poetry has to be read with more patience than prose. Almost like dessert as opposed to the main dish. I almost feel I missed a good part of it because I read it too fast and without thinking about each poem as I should have. Also, if you're familiar with @grumpyreads ' YT channel, you know the way in which Poetry talks like... well, I couldn't get that out of my head, it was ridiculous 😅 📚 I also read If It Bleeds by Stephen King and I want to thank @stories_with_hope for letting me share my thoughts with her 😆 gotta love them Constant Readers. 📚 Right now I'm reading Terraleise: The Lost Child of the Crown by Celine Simpson, a story about a girl who discovers she is gifted with the elemental power of Earth, which is something that only royals can do. But Terraleise is no royal... or is she? 📚 About today's QOTD, I feel I should say JINX, so JINX JINX JINX JINX!!! 📚 #bookstagram #bookgram #bookish #bookworm #bookaholic #bookstagrammer #booksofinstagram #bookstagramer #rainbow #booksbooksbooks #creativeart #creativegrammer #instaart #dailyart #currentlyreading #bookrec #yalovin #ilovereading #ilovebooks #igread #igreads #goodreads #epicreads #redhead #redheadgirl #epicreads

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Her posts are part book club, part book lover chat group. Each vignette is assembled with volumes from her own personal collection.

Every now and then, you'll find her answering questions on her Facebook page. Right now, she's not exactly sure how many books she has (new shelves are on the way), but one book a week is her average reading schedule. How great is that?


Heroes or villains? 📚 As pretty much everyone knows at this point, I have a soft spot for the bad guys, the underdogs, the villains, the outcasts, the misunderstood. I'd take Voldemort's origin story over Dumbledore's any time. On one hand because I can't help it, this is what floats my boat, and it has always been like this. On the other, more important hand, because I think everyone has a story to tell. And just because we deem some characters to be terrible humans, that doesn't mean we should stop them from having their story told. Had we not known where Darth Vader originated from, we would have thought he's just a faceless villain, evil for the sake of power. But we know, and we feel for him. It's easy to draw lines. It's more difficult when the bad guys become relatable, because that shines a light on our own shortcomings, on our own not so proud moments. What would you have done in their place and circumstances? And that's when they become like us, human, and we become like them, human too. 📚 Happy publishing day, The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes. 📚 #bookstagram #hungergames #suzannecollins #theballadofsongbirdsandsnakes #presidentsnow #panem #katnisseverdeen #peetamallark #bookgram #bookart #bookgirl #booksofinstagram #bookstagrammer #bookstagramcommunity #scholastic #read #reader #reading #booksbooksbooks #mybookfeatures #epicreads #goodreads #yalovin #bookrecommendation

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Tell me a good thing. Something positive. Something that made you happy, personal or not. 📚 This weekend I attented my very first TEDx. 2 speakers got standing ovations. 📚 One of them, Cristophe Debard, had cancer at a young age and lost both of his legs from knee down. He created a system so that people like him can get cool looking prosthetics at a super affordable price through 3D printing so that they wouldn't be ashamed of their disability. 📚 The other one, Alexandru Dima, talked about people doing good deeds in Romania, including the ones who are building the first (!) Paediatric Oncology and Radiotherapy hospital in Romania without any support from the Romanian state (!), using only donations from civil society and the private sector (!). (Ninjas cut onions there). 📚 I'm so glad I had the opportunity of listening to these (and all the other) speakers. I am guilty of getting lost in a selfish frame of mind sometimes, it's only human, but today and yesterday as well I was reminded that there are things bigger than us. And it also made me think of something that @shallonxo said - if you want to get rid of anxiety, volunteer. Work for something bigger than your own pocket. See the suffering of other people and feel the purpose that lies beyond "surviving" this world. 📚 #bookstagram #bookish #bookstagrammer #ted #tedx #tedtalk #read #reader #reading #explore #creative #creativegrammer #imagine #imagination #booksbooksbooks #booklove #bookishlove #ilovebooks #goodreads #readingnook #readingcommunity #tedxbucharest11 #joinmetamorphosis #booksofinstagram #readersofinstagram

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