Calling all nature lovers, are you looking for new spots to check out? Here are some recommendations for unique parks in D.C. that'll spark your interest!

D.C. is a metropolitan area playground for visitors and locals alike. The state has a wide variety of things to do -- from theaters to museums and shopping centers, and the list doesn't stop there! But sometimes people can forget about the simpler places to visit, like parks. Parks are small gems that can be fun and relaxing overall. Here are some interesting parks in the D.C. area!

The Yards Park

[caption id="attachment_8842" align="aligncenter" width="960"] Courtesy of The Yards Park (Facebook)[/caption] Where: 355 Water Street SE Contact Information: Click here for more info. If you're looking to have some watery fun, visit The Yards Park! The Yards Park features lush green space and a canal to swim in. You'll definitely want to bring your family or friends out to this spot. You can even bring your furry loved ones along! You'll get all the relaxation time you need without having to venture too far from home!

Meridian Hill Park

Where: 16th and W Streets NW Contact Information: Click here for more info. The Meridian Hill Park is a park with a historical flare found in its features and its past! According to the website, the park has a long history that started with the land being used for a mansion and ended around the time of the park's 1910 purchase by the government when an Italian garden was added. Imagine enjoying a beautiful day at the park surrounded by a garden with a 13-basin fountain, as well as statues of famous figures, such as Joan of Arc and Dante, the writer of the Inferno! Don't forget your phones or cameras. You'll find plenty of Instagram opportunities here!

Canal Park

[caption id="attachment_8840" align="aligncenter" width="960"] Courtesy of Canal Park DC (Facebook)[/caption] Where: 200 M Street SE Contact Information: Click here for more info. The Canal Park is a park with an urban spin! You'll have a nice park day while still being close to city comforts. The park offers water features to help you cool down, and it also holds seasonal events and markets there, too! And don't forget to keep an eye out for the dancing fountains -- they emerge when the warmer days do! Have you ever been to any of these parks in D.C.? What was your favorite feature about them? Which park would you recommend to future D.C. visitors? Let us know in the comments below! And have a beautiful spring!

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