Despite stay-at-home orders that are affecting most of the nation right now, there's one thing we cannot stop from happening, no matter how hard we try. That thing, dear friends, is the celebration of birthdays.

Though we may be limited in what we can do, does that mean the party has to stop? Most definitely not. You can make it a romantic night in, a fun family game night, or just bake an amazing cake. We came up with some ideas for how to make that birthday a celebration to remember and found a few fun examples from the Twitterverse of how people are finding ways to celebrate, even though they're stuck at home.

1. Have a Virtual Party 

Just livestream it! People are doing this for all kinds of celebrations, not just birthday parties. Set up a virtual meeting on Zoom, Google Meets, Facebook, etc. and everyone can celebrate together.

2. Netflix Party

popcorn bowl
Courtesy of Pixabay

Download Netflix Party, then you can watch a movie together with your friends and family with the Chrome extension. So, whether it's your 5-year old’s favorite flick or your bestie’s '80s movie marathon, you can all be together, at least virtually.

3. Send a Delivery Treat!

Restaurants, bakeries, and cake shops across the country are hurting right now, and all of us at home are pretty darn tired of cooking. Why not brighten someone’s day by sending them a tasty meal and support a local business? If food isn’t your thing, send flowers or ask everyone you know to send that birthday kid a card. Seriously, who doesn’t love a surprise chocolate cake delivery? Check out our guide right here!

4. Give the Gift of a Celebrity Shoutout

Lots of people have jumped online to get birthday greetings, and some very famous faces are helping. Josh Gad put out an open-call to send kids an individual birthday message if asked, and got thousands of requests. 

Cameo is an app where users can hop on and see what celebrities are available to send birthday wishes. This isn’t free, but considering we are all stuck at home, it might be the perfect present.  You can also find your favorite celeb on Twitter and simply ask them. You never know who will step up to the task, especially now since so many celebrities are home and interacting with fans via social media. Chrissy Teigen, for example, is interacting with fans all day on her feed.

5. Birthday Parades

We have seen a bunch of these, and they're great. Even though we cannot get close to others, we can show that we care. Just the idea that all these people would come out of their homes and make the effort is enough to make anyone feel special. We must admit, we have a few tears in our eyes after seeing all of these posted on social media. The human spirit will find a way to thrive. 

And just to make you smile a bit more during these difficult times, here are a few of our favorite Tweets from the last few days sharing how people are spending their special days. Enjoy!

How have you celebrated special days during this time of social distancing, isolation, and stay-at-home orders? Comment below. And from us to you, no matter where you are, we hope you have a super-duper birthday!