Pack your bags and fly to a warmer city for less than $150.

In January or February of each year, a deep restlessness sets in. We stop dreaming of sugar plum fairies and begin dreaming of sand and sunshine, but the delights of summer are still so far away. If you know yourself and you're one of those people (like me) who can't make it through an entire winter without going a little wonky, consider planning a trip. You might be surprised that there's a handful of warm (or at least slightly warmer) cities you can fly to from Denver for less than $150 round-trip. So gather the people you love to travel with and pack your bags. Just don't forget sunscreen. 

Las Vegas

Round Trip Price: $90 on Spirit

Let's get this adult theme park out of the way. To start with, it'll be about 10-15 degrees warmer than it is in Denver, and you can find hotel rates as low as $16/night for a four-star hotel. If you're not into gambling or shopping with a beer in your hand, there are plenty of shows, concerts, and other events you can check out. 

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New Orleans

Round Trip Price: $96 on United

With temperatures 10-15 degrees warmer and plenty to see and do, from the French Quarter to Bourbon Street to Jackson Square, New Orleans is a great choice for a short getaway. Mardi Gras celebrations start on January 6 and continue through March, so winter is the perfect time to visit. We found four-star hotels for as low as $71 per night. 

Tucson or Phoenix

Round Trip Price: $106-$126 on Frontier

The high temp in February for Tucson is 70 degrees, and Phoenix is even warmer, so a trip to Arizona might be the cheapest way to warm up this winter. Hotel rates are reasonable; we found four-star hotels for as low as $79 per night. Plus, these desert cities offers hiking and camping options that will make you feel like it's spring in Denver. 

Austin, TX

Round Trip Price: $116-$120 on United

Austin was named the best place to live this year, and it's also a great place to visit. Temperatures are at least 10 degrees warmer than they are in Denver during the colder months. And Austin is a vibrant city known for its live music and many parks and lakes. 

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Fort Lauderdale, FL

Round Trip Price: $122 on Spirit 

If you avoid the weeks surrounding Christmas, you can snag a cheap flight to Fort Lauderdale, where it's a high of 76 degrees in January. This is the cheapest beach vacation we could find from Denver during this time of the year. We also found hotels on the beach for as low as $79 per night. Start bathing suit shopping now. 

Palm Springs, CA

Round Trip Price: $136+ on United or Frontier

Flying to Palm Springs over Spring Break would set you back hundreds, but if you're careful about avoiding the weeks around Christmas, you can fly to Palm Springs for as low as $136 during January and $156 in February. Hotel prices are higher than in other cities, but we found 3-star hotels for as low as $94 per night. And temperatures reach a high of 74 degrees in February, which is the perfect weather for enjoying the hot springs. You can hike, bike, or horseback ride, or spend the entire time at the spa; you do you. 

What are your travel plans this winter? Share your destinations with us in the comments below.

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