There's no debate. Virginia is expensive, and home and rental prices in the Commonwealth continue to rise.

But if you have tens of millions of dollars to your name, there are still bargains to be had.

Here are the most expensive homes for sale in Virginia in the summer of 2018.

(Note: We are only including homes. Undeveloped lots or exclusively agricultural acreage will not be included in the list.)

Claremont Farm, Upperville, Virginia -- $19,750,000

Given its history, Virginia has no shortage of historic buildings. But the Claremont Farm is truly in a league of its own. Built in 1820, this property consists of a main manor, a second manor (because you're not rich until you have two manors), the original patent house, and three tenant houses. This is the perfect property if you need to house a small village, or you just want a lot of space to yourself.

Buy this property and you'll be looking at a casual mortgage payment of over $80,000 a month. And if you happen to purchase this historic estate, you'll owe the tax man approximately $24,000 a year in property taxes alone.

The estate has only been on Zillow for a couple of days, but you'll need to act fast. There are apparently already people expressing interest!

North Wales Estate, Warrenton, Virginia -- $29,950,000

History buffs, take notice. This historic estate was built circa 1716 and sits atop 1,471 acres of farm and equestrian land. The main mansion, however, was built in 1776 and spans 38,500 square feet of living space. Feel the sudden urge to nap? Don't worry, there are 22 bedrooms. 

The estate was able to survive both the Revolutionary War and Civil War, suggesting that the property owners at the time may have aligned themselves with the wrong side of history. Nevertheless, the former plantation now includes newly constructed elegant stables, shops, miles of internal roads, formal gardens, ponds, and miles of stone and board fencing. But to answer what everyone is asking: yes, it has a pool. 

The property was most recently purchased in 2014 for a cool $21 million by former Goldman Sachs managing director David B. Ford. Last year, it was listed at $33 million. No way, buddy. This place isn't worth one cent above $30 million, and he knows it. His mistake can be your gain for the small sum of $29.95 million.

The Cove, Hume, Virginia -- $21,950,000

If you're looking for history, this one isn't it. The Cove was built in 2002. With just eight bedrooms and 11 baths, the living quarters aren't nearly as elegant as some of the other estates on the list. But the builders spared no expense in the other amenities. 

The home includes a 3,500-bottle wine cellar, complete with a separate wine-tasting room. This makes total sense. What's the use of having more than 3,000 bottles of wine if you don't have anywhere to taste them? Now, I know what you're thinking. "How are we supposed to climb the stairs from the cellar after a long night of wine tasting?" It's a fair point, but the developers planned for this. There is an elevator complete with a backup generator. 

The house includes a private movie theater, a carriage house, six-bay free-standing garage, and a swimming pool. The property was listed for $23.95 million back in 2014, so if you've got the coin, this is a steal.

Mount Sharon Farm, Orange, Virginia -- $18,500,000

I get it. Not everyone is made of money, and $20 million is a lot to spend on a house. That's where Mount Sharon Farm enters the list. Sitting at a comfortable $18.5 million, this 12,587-square-foot manor sits on a 560-cre estate that has majestic views of both the Blue Ridge Mountains and Coastal Plain. Why buy a mountain home and a beach house when you can get both at once?

The estate, built in 1937, is on both the National and Virginia Historic Registers. But with hundreds of acres of fertile farmland, this is the perfect property for the ultra-rich, looking to take up farming as a hobby.