Some of the most popular electronic music artists have come from right here in Colorado. Many die-hards and Colorado electronic music junkies already know who came from where, but for those of you who don’t know… here are a few Colorado Electronic music producers we are proud to call our own.

It’s not news that Colorado is the best. Best people, best hiking, best amphitheater… So it doesn’t come as a surprise that when it comes to electronic music, Colorado is a major force to be reckoned with. People travel from ALL OVER to catch shows, concerts and festivals held in our great state. While tons of artists from all over come and hope to play a sold out show at the sought after Red Rocks amphitheater, how many grew up going to shows there themselves? Pretty Lights [gallery size="large" columns="2" ids="4944,4943,4945"] Heading up our list of Colorado electronic music producers is of course our home grown hero Derek Vincent Smith. This musical genius is no ordinary button-pushing electronic music artist. He’s truly a composer, crafting beautifully flowing and interweaving tracks that take you to another world entirely. Derek hails from Fort Collins and pays TONS of homage to his home state. Hosting the Pretty Lights festival in Telluride and selling out shows every time and Red Rocks, there’s no doubt that Colorado electronic music lovers LOVE Pretty Lights. Big Gigantic Colorado Electronic Music Also known as Big G, this duo is a talented bunch bringing the funk to electronic music. Best described as livetronica with a jazz and hip-hop base, Dominic Lalli and Jeremy Salken are a powerhouse of sound. They recently released a new album that is like heaven to the ears. Their annual festival Rowdy Town brings together music lovers of Colorado and some of the best and funkiest artists to date. Based out of Boulder the two genuinely live out the cool and funky Colorado spirit. Bass Physics Colorado Electronic Music Another Boulder-based duo that aims to spread positive vibes through the power of music. A.P. Adair and Luke Sims come together to create music that bends the genre. The two are pros at blending soulful electronic beats with live guitars and keys. They transform throughout their songs, giving you a truly unique music experience. Moving from weaving beautifully expressive and melodic soundscapes to songs filled with power and lots of energy, it’s never dull listening with Bass Physics. SunSquabi Colorado Electronic Music Described as a “3 Piece Electronic Hydro Funk Experience” SunSquabi is everything you could hope for in music. Close your eyes and take a journey with Kevin Donohue, Andrew Clymer, and Chris Anderson as the music leads you on the adventure. The Colorado trio is finally making a name for themselves, becoming the premiere act in the live electronic/jam music world. Their 8 Track “Odyssey” takes you on an epic musical journey that features tracks with GRiZ and fellow Coloradan, Big Gigantic Dominic Lalli. SoDown Colorado Electronic Music Ehren River Wright, aka SoDown, is another Colorado native who is seriously making a name for himself. Selling out his first headlining show, he has a passionate fanbase that has propelled him to take his music to the national stage. SoDown’s music features funky sax and electronic sounds that gets crowds jumping. Ehren describes his sound as an endlessly evolving medley of several different genres, culminating into a unique and diverse style of bass music.  

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