Talk about epic timing!


In a last-minute plan, John Nicotera and his friend, photographer Tim Leach, managed to capture Comet Neowise in an epic photo at the very moment he proposed to his now-fiancee Erica Pendrak.

Since the pandemic ruined Nicotera’s idea of proposing to Pendrak during a trip to Oregon’s Crater Lake, he devised a plan to take her to view the comet closer to his home in upstate New York. Leach was asked to follow the couple to a good stargazing spot in Old Forge, and when the comet appeared, he captured Nicotera dropping to his knee and flashing the ring to Pendrak. They remained in that stance for seven seconds, long enough for Leach's camera to use the long exposure and capture the comet's tail, before they celebrated.

The newly-engaged couple shared their picture on Twitter, where it immediately went viral.

Pendrak added, “Sparks really did fly this night.”

"Last-minute plan for a memory that will last a lifetime,” Leach posted to his Instagram.

Comet Neowise was only visible by the naked eye for a few days this past month and won’t be visible again for another 6,800 years, making this photo special and memorable in more ways than one.

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