You have to check out this spacious Victorian-style home in Washington, D.C.

Selling for just $1.6 million, this Victorian-style house at 110 13th St. SE, in Washington, D.C., features six bedrooms and four bathrooms with a whopping 3,660 square feet. Located near the heart of the city right on the street, the home is just one hop away from Lincoln Park and a seven-minute jog from the National Mall, meaning you get to work out near the Capitol every morning (like right out of a movie).   

Take a Look Inside:

The entrance to the home leads into two beautiful living rooms that give you plenty of space to add a couch or two and some chairs for entertaining guests comfortably! Built-ins against a brick motif are just the icing on the cake.

I can't say enough about all those windows -- tons of natural light pouring in. The round shape of this seating area is quite invigorating and attractive, not to mention unique.

The kitchen is very functional with a wide-open concept and lots of countertop space -- plus, there's a large pantry to store all of your canned and boxed foods! Just bring in a mobile prep-table and voila -- you have the perfect professional kitchen! I can already smell the chocolate chip cookies.

The round-shaped upstairs bedrooms are large, leaving plenty of space to store a dresser, nightstand, and even a bookshelf in that gap space between the windows. 

The bathroom's large showerhead would provide the perfect water flow for a soothing shower.

Excuse me while I pack my things and convince my boyfriend to purchase this home for us. If you are considering getting this home, check out the listing here!

Do you love this home as much as we do? Let us know in the comments below. 

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