San Francisco-based HotPads says Denver residents spend almost $40,000 annually between child care and rent.

It’s news that won’t surprise anyone who's trying to make a living in our fair city. Major U.S. metros are seeing sky-high rent become just a part of life, and costs get even worse for renters with children in child care.

A recent study found that Denver residents spend about $3,365 on both rent and child care in a month. That is about $40,000 annually, putting Denver in the top 10 most expensive cities, coming in at No. 9. Unfortunately, as we all know, paychecks are not growing near as fast as our rising costs, so it is really putting the screws to a lot of Denverites.  

The study was conducted by San Francisco-based HotPads. The firm looked at an analysis of’s Care Index and U.S. Census Bureau data to come to its ranking results.

Overall, it found that monthly child care costs are only $115 less than monthly rent in the U.S. as a whole. Monthly child care costs plus rent in the U.S. is about $365 less than Denver, coming in at $3,000.

Denver was more affordable than only eight cities, listed by most expensive: San Jose, San Francisco, LA, Boston, San Diego, New York, Seattle, and Washington, D.C.

The only small comfort Denverites can find from this survey is that we don’t live in San Jose. Residents there spend a whopping $68,000 each year on child care and rent combined. Yikes. 

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