In case you just couldn't get enough of that communal college life, X Social Communities is bringing its "adult dormitory-style living" development to downtown Denver.

It will be at least two more years before you'll be able to move in, but New York-based X Social Communities has laid claim to 1.6 acres near Coors Field in downtown Denver. The new development, called Union Station, will house 221 furnished dormitory-like units -- with shared living areas, bathrooms, and kitchens. Sounds familiar, right? Just like the ol' college days. Only this community is for adults only.

"X Denver living is to think like a philosopher, share like a saint, and endeavor like a honey badger," X Social says on its website. "All doors are open when you place yourself wisely. The secret to having it all is in the company you keep. Believe in possibilities, because life’s better with company."

I don't know ... I mean, don't good fences make good neighbors?

Anywhooo, X Social has already successfully implemented the co-living concept in Chicago, and another company did something similar in San Francisco. Three more X Social communities are in the works -- two in Florida and a second development for Chicago.

"Your apartment building should be more than a dull stack of boxes," the site says. "That’s why we don’t build apartments. We build social living communities for awesome people to thrive together."

In addition to the unit, the rent covers the use of common areas, as well as amenities and staffing.

Union Station is planned to open in the summer of 2020, so you can start making plans now -- that is, unless you decide to buy your own home ... or get married ... or start a family in the meantime. Whatevs. Up to you. 

What do you think? Could you ever live in a dormitory setting as an adult? We'd love for you to weigh in! Just leave a comment below!

New development will likely NOT be coming to Larimer Square. It's been named to the list of the U.S.'s endangered places.