An entire third grade showed up to support their classmate on her adoption day, showing what friendship is all about.

Aerith (last name private), 8, from Louisville, Colorado, has not had an easy time of it in her short life. The third-grader at Louisville Elementary School spent over two years in foster care, going between four different placements in that time. She has experienced abuse, neglect, and trauma, and has worked very hard to overcome the lasting effects of those experiences.

This week, however, life changed in a big way for Aerith. She was adopted by her Jessi Braverman, who has cared for Aerith for about a year as her foster mom. The special day was more than a simple court proceeding, it was a celebration because the entire third grade came out to support their friend.

The Boulder Daily Camera has some sweet photos of the special day on its website.

Aerith had expressed to a friend that she was feeling nervous about her adoption, and that friend started an effort to get the whole third grade to go to the ceremony. The classmate even went as far as to ask the Parent Teacher Organization to pay for buses to get the students there. The PTO obliged and covered the cost of busing the classes to Adams County District Court to support their friend on her unforgettable day.

The third graders filled the courtroom in Brighton on Tuesday, January 28, and watched as Aerith and her mom legally became family. It was clear that they have been family for quite a while, as the two seem a perfect match. Aerith wore a fancy fluffy white dress with a pink bow, and mom and daughter read statements to each other in front of the court.

Braverman read through tears and expressed the joy she felt from having Aerith in her life and shared that the girl is funny, brave, kind, and smart. Braverman also shared that though many considered Aerith lucky to be adopted by her, she felt the opposite, that it was she who was lucky to be able to have Aerith as her daughter.

“Over the course of this year, we have repeatedly heard many people say how lucky you are to be with me, we will continue to hear this from those that don’t quite understand. And so, I will tell you over and over and over, I am the lucky one. And you are the champion of this story.”

Aerith read her statement and ended it by saying, “Peace out foster care. See you never," which seems like the exact perfect thing to say. She also expressed hope that other children in the foster care system will feel love the way she does with Braverman, adding that they are a “perfect fit”.

The third graders came out in a big way to support their friend, wearing stickers in the shape of a red heart marking Aerith’s adoption day. The kids also sang a sweet rendition of the Bruno Mars song “Count on Me” in honor of the occasion when the legal proceedings were over. Braverman has felt huge support from the school community since Aerith came to live with her and had a big party for everyone after the adoption ceremony.

We just love this story of children showing true compassion for others and going above and beyond to support a friend and are so happy for this new family. We wish Braverman and Aerith all the best, with many more happy days to come.

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