Facebook analysis exposes startling truths about one of our favorite social media platforms.

Facebook has done more than just connecting old classmates or rekindling an old flame, it has changed the way we communicate altogether. From business to personal, Facebook has changed the game for good. When you look at Facebook's numbers you will see that two-thirds of its global audience uses the website everyday and 94% of active users are on Facebook via mobile phone. The amount of users isn't what's surprising; it's the users demographics that might surprise you. This is anywhere from the users' gender and age that can potentially help businesses who use Facebook for marketing. Below are the findings according to a study done by thenextweb.com.


Facebook analysis The chart above gives better insight to the random spikes but below are the most interesting: -There is a disproportionate number of Facebook users who claim to be 18 years old. -Also users who claim to be 21 years old.

Users vs. Actual People

The Next Web then compared Facebook's user data by age and gender and removed China for accuracy. The results are in the charts below. Facebook analysis Facebook analysis The male chart does not add up. It was discovered that 110% of the eligible male audience at age 18 is using Facebook today. This information basically is saying that there are more 18 year old males using Facebook than there are actual males living on earth today.

Not only is this seen for males, but there is a similar issue for women who claim to be 18 years old and men and women combined who claim to be 21. Yikes! Someone's not being honest...

What does this all mean?

According to the study, these random findings are not due to a mishap with Facebook. The user themselves are falsely inputting their information. Whether they do that to appear older or for some other reason it's happening. Unfortunately for companies who utilize Facebook for marketing, this can be extremely misleading. This study was an analysis of Facebook, however, the study stresses that this is not the only social media platform this is found. My advice to you is utilize your social media platforms safely.

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