Here's to you, Dad!

When it comes to making your dad feel appreciated on Father's Day, a few things come to mind. First, allow him to do whatever it is he wants to do. No errands, no chores, and please don't make him go to brunch – at least, not at Snooze. No father that I've spoken to wants to waste the morning waiting for a table at an overcrowded pancake boutique. He'd much rather be on the golf course throwing back a few bloody marys or washing his pride and joy in the driveway. With that said, you do have to do something, and based on what the dads in the office have told me, I have some ideas: 

Buy him a bottle of his favorite booze. 

bubbles liquor world

If you buy Dad a bottle of nice liquor, there's a chance you'll get to share a drink with him. If that happens, thank him for helping you with whatever it is he helps you with and zip it. Only speak when spoken to. Too much noise ruins good whiskey. 

If he has a sweet tooth, get him an ice cream cake.

Get him an ice cream cake from Cold Stone if that's what he likes. That way, after he's had all day to do whatever he wants, you can bust out the cake and bam! This is especially good to share with the kids so you can have family time. We recommend the Parker, Cornerstar, Southlands, or Buckley locations for the best cakes. 

Get him a pack of his favorite golf balls.

Is he a Pro V1 guy? Or is he a Callaway guy? Either way, he can always use more golf balls. Figure out what his go-tos are and get him some. 

Does he love coffee, too? 

black rifle coffee company

Black Rifle Coffee is a solid go-to for dads who like coffee, accessories, guns, and 'Murica. 

A card explaining you're giving him peace and quiet.

Sometimes a simple Father's day card (perhaps with a Cabela's gift card?) is all you need. Then, leave him alone. 

Lastly, if you must do brunch or any other meal, for that matter, take him somewhere with great food, that's unpretentious, and guaranteed drama-free. I'm talking about places like the Piper Inn, the Campus Lounge, or 20 Mile Tap House, or a fancy Italian meal like Pizza Republica. Those are some of our favorites and they all are low-key brunch spots you can get in and get out.

What are your thoughts? Do you have any ideas to add? Let us know!