Not to sound all "basic white girl," but I am kind of obsessed with fall. Especially fall fashion. 

I mean what is there not to love about cooler weather, pumpkin spice lattes, leaves falling, and a bunch of new jeans, leather jackets, and boots? Nothing, I tell you.

When I go through my closet to edit it for the fall, I take care to notice the accessories. You may not think this, but as the fashion-obsessed gal that I am, accessories can actually make or break your outfit. Think about a white tee and jeans. Kind of basic just like that, right? But add some layered necklaces and bracelets, maybe a hat, maybe a fabulous shoe, and you’ve got a whole different outfit. See what I mean? Accessories matter. 

So, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite accessories that you want to make sure are in your closet this fall season. 

A high quality, classic-shaped leather handbag

And before anyone gets on my case about the leather thing, there are plenty of great vegan options that are equally of high quality, so everyone can find what they like. A well-designed, neutral handbag is not really just a fall accessory, it’s an every season accessory, but it looks absolutely incredible in autumn. Think brown, beige, even black tones in a soft, buttery leather. Sounds pretty good. Make sure the shape is classic and not too out there so you can continue to wear this time after time. 

Style your handbag with anything from a sheath dress and blazer for work to jeans and a cozy sweater for the weekend. This will be your wear-with-everything accessory for the fall. 

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A brimmed hat

Hats feel so fall to me. I like to add them to simpler outfits -- like a maxi dress and leather jacket or an outfit with jeans. It just adds that extra level of style. And while there are many kinds of hats out there, go for a brimmed hat (not too wide, though; it’s not the beach) in a neutral color. My go-to is black, but I’m sure you guys can rock a lot of other colors, too. 

If you’re looking to invest, Rag and Bone makes beautiful designer hats that you’ll cherish forever. Or, if you just want to try out the trend, you can pick something up at a Zara, H&M, or the like. 

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Dainty layered necklaces

This has been a major trend all year and is continuing into the fall. And why shouldn’t it? It looks so pretty on anyone and would work styling-wise anywhere -- from the office to brunch to a cocktail party. You can probably even find enough pieces in your current closet. Pick out some small, dainty necklaces (I like to stick to three or four) and wear them all together around your neck). Stagger the lengths and the charms so you can see each one as its own piece. This is especially cool if each pendant means something to you; and if anyone asks, you’ve got a conversation started right there. 

If you’re feeling really bold, layer both your necklaces and your bracelets. 

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I’ve got a lot more accessories that made it into my fall wardrobe must-haves, but I’ll keep you in suspense and save them for another day.

What is your favorite fall accessory? Share in the comments below!

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