Those of us with the patience to try, know the reason DIY Valentine’s Day gifts tend to stand out. It's because they come from the heart. Haha!

Hopefully, I didn’t lose too many of you with what is surely an under-appreciated pun, because DIY gifts may truly be one of the best gifts to give on Valentine’s Day. With Cupid’s holiday right around the corner, we can’t help but feel the familiar hand of pressure squeezing our shoulder, urging us to come up with something flawless regardless of how many times our loved ones say, “It’s the thought that counts,” or something about capitalism and card companies. And why wouldn’t it make us a little anxious? What could possibly be good enough to represent the love we share with our significant other?

DIY gifts are a great go-to because, rather than just the thought, it’s the effort that makes them count. Even if you’re the type to strictly follow instructions and still somehow end up with a finished product unlike anything even close to the picture, you’ve at least given your loved one a good laugh -- something they can’t help but smile at every time it pops into their mind. And let’s be honest, life tends to be a bit chaotic and, as a result, some of us are going to forget about Valentine’s Day altogether until the last second. It never feels good showing up empty-handed when the time comes to exchange gifts. DIY gifts are a great fallback for those of us with unmanageable schedules. Below are plenty of suggestions for what you can concoct for your significant other by February 14. Some are as simple as a new approach to breakfast in bed, others as familiar as date night coupons, and some are so crazy they just might work! diy Cards: Perhaps the easiest DIY craft to attempt this Valentine's Day is making your own card. If you're a beginner in DIY projects, this is a great first step for you to try! The supplies you'll need are relatively inexpensive (depending on the tutorial you choose), but the gesture is still exceptionally thoughtful. For Him: Suggestions for DIY gifts to give your husband or boyfriend usually involve alcohol, bacon, or sweets. So, essentially you'll both benefit from trying one or two of these tutorials. For Her: Rather than sacrificing an arm and a leg at a jewelry store, there are plenty of DIY projects to try that offer a unique twist on traditional Valentine's Day gifts for your wife or girlfriend. If you're looking to branch out from the classics, there are plenty of thoughtful crafts you could put together that she is sure to treasure. For Parties: Impress your guests by adorning your Valentine's Day party with some handmade decorations. Or, perhaps you could even set up a DIY crafts bar and encourage guests to create their own party favors! Better yet, satisfy their sweet tooth with some out-of-the-box desserts! For Procrastinators: We've all been here -- if not on Valentine's Day, then on some other holiday that somehow slipped through the cracks. At least you remembered before the clock ran out, right? Even though the deadline is fast-approaching, you can still find some great DIY suggestions that will take 20 minutes or less. They take hardly any time at all, and you still end up with a charming finished product! Let us know what you try (and how it comes out) in the comments below! *This article was originally written by Carly for Our Community Now - Virginia.

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