These are five great DIY gifts you can get for the DIYer in your life!

With the holiday season upon us, people all across the DMV will scramble to get the perfect gifts for loved ones and friends. Dads, however, tend to be after-thoughts. People will stand in line and literally get into fights over kids' gifts. Dad usually just gets a Lowe's or Home Depot gift card, or the dreaded gift of socks. Here's a list of five perfect DIY gifts you can get the DIYer in your life!

1. 3D Printer

DIY Gifts 3D printing technology has come a long way in just the past few years. Today, it's possible to get a fully functional desktop 3D printer for under $300.The Anet A8 is available for usually around $220, though that will come as a kit and require assembly before it is up and running. If your DIYer is a tinkerer, then he should be able to put it together pretty quickly and use the printer to print upgraded parts. If you want a printer that will be able to work right away out of the box, then the Monoprice Select Mini is available for the same price and comes ready to go. The build plate is significantly smaller, but this is definitely a good option for kids or people who would prefer not to have to build the printer. Hatchbox PLA is a great starter filament and can usually be bought for under $23/spool. Inland PLA filament is the best affordable option, usually being sold for around $15/spool. With 3D printers coming down in price, they're now great tinker and DIY gifts!

2. Thickness Planer

DIY Gifts If your man is a tinkerer, then woodworking tools could be a great addition to his tool collection. Most dads and DIYers already have the basic tools (drills, saws, etc). Avoid the temptation to buy him yet another cordless drill. Yes, it's easy and on sale, but it is also likely redundant. Two tools that are absolutely essential for woodworking are jointers and planers. But since they tend to only be necessary for woodworking, they tend to not be the first tools DIYers buy. A thickness planer is a tool that flattens boards, allowing them to be used to make table tops. Entry level planers are based on the old Delta design and run about $300. The next step up is to go with a DEWALT DW734, which will cost $399, but will be a workhorse for years to come. They also hold their value incredibly well on the used tool market. If you know he likes woodworking and already has a lunchbox thickness planer, then the DEWALT DW735X is the mack daddy of bench top planers. Not only does it have two different speeds, but it has an additional half inch of width, meaning that it can accept even wider boards. If money is no object, that's one of the best DIY gifts. If you're looking for a stocking stuffer, then the Stanley 12-404 No. 4 Adjustable Bench Planedoes the same thing, just without the electricity. Even though this is older technology, there are still a lot of times when a handheld planer is the only tool for the job.

3. Jointer

DIY Gifts A jointer does a similar job to a planer. While planers are responsible for flattening the faces of boards, a jointer makes sure that the edges are perfect right angles. A lot of woodworkers will substitute using their table saw to joint boards. While this is certainly possible, it results in more wasted wood and is also significantly more dangerous. If you'd prefer your DIYer keep all his digits, then consider getting him an entry-level Porter Cable 6" Bench Jointer for less than $280. Since this is one of those tools that DIYers figure out how to do without, it usually isn't at the top of their wish lists. But if he likes woodworking, this one of the best DIY gifts.

4. Steel-toed Boots

DIY Gifts If your DIYer likes to work outside, then steel-toed boots are a must. These work boots feature a steel toe to protect the wearer from things getting dropped on their foot. Not only are they a must-have on work sites, but they're also common sense. Problem is, people tend to wear their steel-toed boots into the ground. After even just a few months of working outside they can start to look pretty gross, not to mention the smell. A new set of Timberland steel-toe work boots will be a well-received DIY gift and also a not-so-subtle hint that it's time to throw the dingy pair out!

5. Dust Collection

DIY Gifts If he works with power tools enough, chances are there is always a thin layer of sawdust in the garage or work space. Dust collection is one of those things that tends to be ignored by beginner DIYers. But the more someone works with their tools, the more important a dust collection system is. If they only have a couple tools that create a lot of dust, than a basic shop vacuum can fit the bill for usually less than $70. Even if he already has a shop vac, it is nice to have one that he can dedicate to individual tools, that way he isn't moving around hoses when he switches from tool to tool. If he has multiple bench top power tools that put out serious dust or shavings, like a planer or table saw, then a full dust collection system is a good investment. A good entry-level ShopFox system will cost less than $300 and keep the workshop completely clean. -- If you're looking for DIY gifts for your dad, husband, significant other, or tinkerer friend, these are great options. Not only that, but they also serve as a hint that it's time for them to finish that project they've been procrastinating on!

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