Two Turkeys received a Presidential Pardon this week, and their lives are about to get a lot more awesome than yours ...

Every year, there are at least 46 million turkeys hitting Thanksgiving tables all across the country. But every year for the last 70 years, the President of the United States has pardoned two turkeys and saved them from being eaten over the holiday. This year's turkeys -- Drumstick and Wishbone -- are being pampered like no other, and it is actually pretty amazing. Here are five ways that these two turkeys will have a better Thanksgiving than you. 1. The two turkeys are staying at a four-diamond hotel. No, this wasn't Trump's idea. For years, pardoned turkeys have been treated to the five-star treatment at the Willard Hotel. A room at the Willard will set you back between $200 and $600, maybe even more around the Thanksgiving holiday. While the rest of us are scrambling to figure out where all of our guests will be sleeping come Thanksgiving, Drumstick and Wishbone are loving life right now with a full bed all to themselves. 2. They're getting free room and board at a top American university. Virginia Tech is one of the top schools in the United States, and it certainly isn't cheap to get a room on campus. Both Wishbone and Drumstick, however, will get to spend the rest of their lives with a free room at Gobbler's Rest, the area on campus that is reserved for the White House's pardoned turkeys. Each room will come complete with wood shavings piled five inches thick on the floor, plenty of room for the birds to spread wings, and even some fine art on the walls depicting the White House.
3. They will want for nothing the rest of their lives. Unfortunately, fattened turkeys don't have a huge life span. Usually, they live 18–24 months. However, Wishbone and Drumstick will be able to feast like kings during what time they have left. Their diet will now consist of all-you-can-eat corn and soybeans, which might not seem like a big deal, but turkeys go crazy for this stuff. Their room at Gobbler's Rest will also include a pretty sizable outside area to enjoy when the weather is nice. 4. Drumstick and Wishbone get to meet the President. Meeting the President is a huge honor, and this year is no different -- whether you support the current administration or not. Frankly, these two turkeys probably will have no idea what is going on. But if they do, and decide to give the President a piece of their mind, they won't be the first bird to do so ... 5. They will automatically become friends with a celebrity. Virginia Tech's mascot is the HokieBird, basically a turkey. While neither Drumstick nor Wishbone will likely make friends with the students who wear the mascot costume for sporting events, they will get to hang out with live turkeys that are brought in for school events! -- Other than the presidential turkey pardon, what is your favorite Thanksgiving tradition?

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