The 88 Drive-In theater is an American gem, and it's right in your back yard Denver.

To see the latest Hollywood flick, you'll shell out at least $14 for a ticket, then you'll probably put down another $4.50 for a small popcorn and $3.50 for a small drink. That puts you at $22 quickly turning your date into an expensive one at $50! What if we told you it doesn't have to be this way? That you can see three movies for $8, bring your own candy, and bring your dog, would you do it? The answer is the 88 Drive-In in Commerce City, one of two drive-in theaters in Denver and one of the last flickering beacons of Americana. [gallery ids="11752,11753,11754"] Since 1972, the 88 Drive-In has been serving feature films in thirds i.e showing three movies for the price of one, and in proper drive-in fashion continues to do so. It's $8 per person to get in and kids under 12 are free. You can bring your dog, but they must be on a leash.
So how do they offer so much for so little? Besides being a drive-in, and constantly begging the titans of media that the drive-in experience needs to be preserved, the 88 Drive-In relies on its concession sales to maintain the business. Even if you bring snacks, go ahead and buy something from the concession stand to say thanks. The films that are featured are usually what's playing in theaters, although we wouldn't mind if they did a vintage film night, and they usually range from family friendly to rated-R. Plus upgrades like a digital projector – while not HD – actually make for a fantastic outdoor movie experience. 88 Drive-In As far as the film's audio goes, it's transmitted via FM radio. And if your car's battery dies they'll take care of you, so don't hesitate to load up the ol' 55' and bring it on down, unless you don't have an FM radio. Expect the 88 Drive-In to begin showing films sometime in mid-April. Make sure you arrive early, there's usually quite a line to get in! For more details, showtimes, and FAQ check out their website.

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