When tech meets design ...

Cars have always been about marrying engineering, tech, and design. The result? Machines that not only make modern life possible, but they let us express ourselves and make us feel a certain way. So when it comes to cars, most of us agree that design should be taken very seriously – at least, that appears to be the current M.O. at Ford. For the first time, an automaker is using 3D virtual reality design software, called Gravity Sketch, to 'visualize' future vehicles. 

With the new software and its feature Co-Creation that was developed in collaboration with the automaker, Dearborn Michigan-based designers at the blue oval are able to enter the same virtual space as designers in Shanghai. This makes it easier for them to collaborate on making vehicles more human-centric and work on new global vehicle design architecture. 

“Our collaboration with Ford designers has enabled us to get immersed in their creative process and discover ways to help fine-tune this application to better suit their needs so they can build the best possible vehicles for their customers,” said Oluwaseyi Sosanya, Gravity Sketch CEO and co-founder.

Whether or not this translates into more attractive offerings, only time will tell.

Ford says that the software allows designers from five different studios around the globe to use handsets and controllers to make real-time adjustments in 3D. It also lets them skip the 2D phase entirely, which means designs that took days to complete now only take a few hours. 

Need a visual? Check it out:

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