Express yourself better with 70 new emojis, thanks to the latest iOS 12.1 update!

Tired of your texts not fully representing your beautiful red hair? Feeling left out because there aren't enough bald emojis? Cheer up, because the latest iOS 12.1 update has dozens of new emojis just for you! In addition to red-haired and bald emojis, gray- and curly-haired emojis will also make their debuts.

Courtesy of Apple

New smiley face emojis include a party face complete with party hat and noisemaker, a cold face (every office has one!), and a super-worried face with enormous eyes. Athletes will be happy with their new set of sporting goods: a tennis ball, hiking boot, lacrosse stick, and a softball. We can all channel our inner superhero with the new emojis in both male and female versions.

Foodies now have a salt shaker, lettuce, mango (no more pretending with the peach emoji), lobster, and bagel to add to their repertoires. Desserts are well-represented with a sprinkle-clad cupcake and a mooncake. The bagel emoji is already starting to cause a bit of a stir with its plain top and overly-processed texture. Insert new drama llama here!

For more information about the new emojis, visit the Apple newsroom.

Which emojis are you most excited about? Let us know in the comments below!

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