Race Into the Evening

It's been almost a decade since I've had to entertain myself with good clean fun and weirdly, as I get older, I'm starting to relish in it again. That's not to say that I've thrown in the towel, per se – it's just that drinking games take up less of my time. And that had me thinking, what is there to do if I don't want to waste the next day hungover? Well, there's the movies, there's bowling, or I could meet my friends for a casual beer (actually, that's not a bad idea) but even that gets old after a while. Then it hit me: go-karting. 

Go-karting is one of those activities that you rarely think of when boredom strikes, but I urge you, put the Netflix down, call a few friends, and hit the track. When the wind is in your hair, your heart is pumping, and you get that just worked out feeling you'll be happy you went. Plus, you can brag for days, if not years, and finally put the debate over who the best driver is to rest.  

Other benefits include the fact that you can go with those under 21 or friends and family members that choose to live the sober life. 

As for me, Overdrive Raceway in Colorado Springs is my go-to because I find it to be a perfect place for any group. Not only do they have two tracks, Italian-built karts that can touch 40mph, and group specials that'll keep you on the track, they're great about accommodating people with disabilities and that's something I can get behind. 

So this weekend, suggest karting, and if your buddies are bummed you're not going out drinking, tell them not to worry as they have a bar upstairs. Loser buys beers. 

What are your thoughts? Where's your favorite place to go karting? Let us know in the comments below! 

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