Groundbreaking facility aims to boost tennis’ popularity and encourage kids to get active.

Colorado has traditionally turned out more youth football players, lacrosse players, mountain bikers, and soccer players. Even golf has more local kids signing to college teams than tennis. But that is all about to change. The Denver Tennis Park (DTP), located near South High School, will open its doors on November 1, with a mission to be youth-centered, introducing a new generation to the sport and encouraging our kids to be active.

With a $14 million price tag, you half expect this complex to have anti-gravity courts and portals to Wimbledon. But, alas, no. It does, however, feature seven indoor and six outdoor courts, making it ideal for year-round play. There is also a large open space for off-court training drills and conditioning. Further fulfilling its mission, it also offers a child-development area that can be used for a wide variety of coaching, education, and more.

The Gates Family Foundation and the University of Denver's Daniels Fund donated funds to help make the youth-oriented mission of the DTP founders a reality. In addition, a Denver Public Schools partnership helps the DTP reach more than 1,800 kids through district tennis teams and PE classes.

Interior rendering of the DTP.

An interior rendering of the DTP. Courtesy of Hord Coplan Macht 2018.

The courts will also be home to DU’s Top-25 ranked, NCAA Division 1 tennis team. Previously, the teams' courts sat off Asbury street, right on top of a parking garage. While that was some pretty ingenious planning on the space-tight campus' part, the new facility will allow more room and year-round practice.

You don’t have to be a pro or even a good player to completely whiff on a couple of serve returns at the complex. Anyone will be able to use the courts during designated times, and your admission fee will help subsidize regular court time, lessons, and more for youth groups.

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