Love dressing up your dog for Halloween? Here are five costume ideas that they won't completely hate!

Our dog Charlie loves a good dress-up ... for about three minutes before he starts fidgeting. I have found, over the years, that the best costumes fall into three distinct categories: accessories only, wear it on your back, or fits like a sweater. Anything too elaborate is almost a canine glove slap to the face and must be destroyed immediately.

Whether you're headed to a Halloween puppy parade or just enjoy putting BooBoo in a costume, here are five ideas for easily tolerated outfits. Some are DIY, some can be purchased, but all will help make a hassle-free Halloween for everyone.


The trick to this one is to not worry about finding a cowboy hat that fits. A tiny cat hat will actually elicit more squeals of delight and can be customized with yarn braids extending out for girl dogs. Add a bandana and a DIY gun belt, and you're all set! The best part about this idea is you can get much of the supplies at your local dollar store.


This one works best with black or black and white dogs. Skunk outfits generally fit like a sweater and your dog won't even register it as a costume. For chillier climates, get the type that has a hoodie-type base.

Bumble Bee

For some reason, there's nothing cuter than a dog dressed like a bumble bee. These costumes are pretty inexpensive now and come in different levels of extravagance. If yours has a headpiece, make sure to practice wearing it before the big event. In general, go for a form-fitting sweater-type fuzzy body with attached wings. The fewer the moving parts, the better. Here's an example of one you can order online.


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Along with M&M and hot dogs, sushi costumes for dogs are great because they wear them on their backs, and straps hold them in place. You can DIY this idea pretty easily if you're handy with a glue gun; there are plenty of tutorials available online.


DIY this costume by decorating a denim vest with a Misfits logo or some strategic spray paint designs. Buy a bright pink fauxhawk and buckle on an extra spiky collar. Here is a great example of an inexpensive dog wig.

Whether you buy or DIY, have a great Halloween by not going too overboard with your dog's costume. While hand-stitching a custom Beetlejuice suit may seem like a good idea, head-to-toe polyester and a giant wig might be a bit much for your pooch.

How are you dressing up your dog for Halloween this year? Let us know in the comments below!