Because there's no other way to appropriately describe how irritable one can get as a result of hunger, "Hangry" has officially been added to the Oxford English Dictionary.

The Oxford English Dictionary is always updating and adding new words, sub-entries, and senses, with more than 1,100 entries included at a time. And "hangry," a word used when anyone feels so hungry to the point of irritation, is finally getting the recognition it deserves -- it's one of the many words added in the latest dictionary update on January 29. 'Cause, come on. We've all been there. You're starving and you become angry about the fact that you're starving. I experience the phenomenon on a daily basis, which is why I must have snacks constantly at my desk. Who knows how cranky I'd be otherwise. oxford What most people may not know is that hangry has been a part of common vernacular a lot longer than the last 10-plus years. According to the Oxford Dictionary, the earliest (known) use of the word dates back to the mid-1950s in a psychoanalytic journal; it was used to describe accidental wordplay.
Other notable updates include "mansplain," "swag," and "me time," among others. So, basically, the Oxford English Dictionary is slowly turning into your go-to guide so you can efficiently communicate with the younger generations. View the full new words list HERE. The next update to the dictionary will happen in April 2018. Which makes me wonder what words will be added next ... It also begs the question: how do they decide which words, sub-entries, and senses to add? How do you feel about hangry (and the other entires) being included the Oxford English Dictionary? What words would you like to see added in the next update? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below, and let's get the conversation started.

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