Cha-ching! The classic game gets an update for 2020.

After a decade and a half, Mall Madness has returned! The board game from Hasbro that first hit store shelves and stole our hearts in 1988 will be updated and re-released for the next generation (and us '80s and '90s kids who thrive on nostalgia!). If you haven’t been planning a throwback girls’ night in, you may want to start planning it, like right now. (Maybe you can grab some Dunkaroos, too!)

Malls across the nation may be turning into half-empty struggling ghosts of what they once were, but before online retail giants changed the shopping game, the mall was the place to be. For pre-teens and teenagers of the ’80s, ’90s, and early 2000s, the local mall was the place to see friends, get a job, be part of the social scene, and keep up with all the latest fashions—from spandex to the tight-roll.

And the Mall Madness game was a way to keep the excitement going, and it became one of those cult classic games we love to remember.

The object of the game was simple; travel through the mall and get all the items on your shopping list. There were 22 different stores, all with ridiculous and pun-filled names; “Novel Idea Books”, I.M Coughin Drug Store”, “Frump’s Fashion Boutique”, “Chip’s Computers”, “Vidiots Arcade”, and “DingaLing Phones”, just to name a few. With fake money and ATM cards, players would attempt to collect six items from their shopping list. The first player to get back to the parking lot first won the game.

The new version of the game is very similar to the classic, in concept and play, but the stores will be getting some modernization—there will be a nail salon, candy store, jewelry store, and more. Another slight change comes to the board itself, which will now be 3D and include an electronic unit that informs players of sales, directs their next move, and makes those classic sound effects. “Cha-ching!”

Mall Madness will make its debut at the International Toy Fair at the end of February, however, you can already pre-order it online for $24.99. The game will be released in stores on October 1, 2020.

We're not sure about you, but we loved this game back then! What other classic and nostalgic board games do you love to play, or wish would make a comeback? Let us know in the comments.