People come together over the strangest things. And in Virginia? It's apparently a common hatred for "dabbing pizza grease with a napkin"!

The recently-debuted dating app Hater ran and compiled the data, releasing a map of the United States that gives us invaluable insight into what the residents of each state hate the most. What is it with Virginians and dabbing pizza grease with a napkin? Well, if you're going to load up on carbs and eat pizza in the first place, then why in the world would you be concerned with the grease, right? In Virginia we enjoy our pizza all the way through, down to the very last bite. So what do other states hate? hate Wyoming despises "gluten-free," while Kansas can't stand Seinfeld. Texans hate sleeping with the windows open -- but honestly, who could blame them with that muggy, miserable heat? The Starbucks fans in Washington state are adamantly against Keurig K-Cups (go figure!), the good people of Delaware don't like Casey Affleck, Connecticut residents hate winter (um, so why do you live there?), and the peeps in Rhode Island despise Middle America. hate
The Hater app, which has gained a few hundred thousand users since it launched in February, matches users with other compatible people, based on an individual's opinions and responses to more than 3,000 topics. Of course, "everyone hates a hangover, everyone loves a puppy," according to Hater's blog, but the app sets out to narrow down our opinions about other categories -- like cliff jumping, Jaws, board games, artificial intelligence, The Daily Show, capers, Hooters, doing your own taxes, people who cut cupcakes in half, and wobbly grocery carts (just to name a few!). Users can swipe up to love, down to hate, right to like, or left to dislike on any given topic. And if you feel ambivalent or indifferent? Simply skip it by tapping once. hate "Meet someone who hates the same stuff," Hater's website advertises. "The first dating app that matches people on the things they hate." What do you think? Were you surprised by what each state hates the most? Have you ever used the Hater app? If so, what was your experience like? Tell us in the comments!

We don't dab up our pizza grease, and we don't worry about messy BBQ either!