Halloween treats are undeniably delicious, but all that sugar isn't great for kids. We've got some great healthy alternatives to candy this year!

Sometimes as a parent, you have to say no to too many sugary snacks on Halloween. Additionally, Americans reportedly spend nearly two million dollars on Halloween candy annually! Luckily, we've found some healthy alternatives for you to hand out to the kids this year that won't leave them feeling tricked!

Individually-Wrapped Snacks

individually wrapped snacks

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Lunch box snacks like bags of Goldfish or fruit snacks can double as great healthy alternatives to Halloween candy. Granola bars, cheese sticks, raisins, pumpkin seeds, and crackers can also double as Halloween handouts. Remember, when handing out edible treats it's important to choose individually wrapped items and to make sure their packages are fully sealed. Same goes for inspecting your kids' loot after a night of trick-or-treating!

Honey Sticks

honey sticks

Honey sticks are a great edible treat that's still super tasty without being packed full of artificial sugars and colors. Most natural health food stores carry these little beauties, and they're pretty cheap to stock up on.

Halloween Stickers

halloween stickers

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Let's be honest, what kid doesn't love stickers? These are a super fun alternative to edible treats, and they'll last a longer than candy as well. A cute variety of ghosts, pumpkins, and monsters will have all the kids knocking at your door, candy or not.

Temporary Tattoos

kids' tattoos

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These fall into a similar category as stickers—what kid doesn't love temporary tattoos? These provide all the same fun without the cavities and sugar highs, and they'll stick around longer, too! You could even consider putting them on at your door.

Glow Sticks

glow sticks

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Another great non-edible alternative! These actually serve a double function. Kids will enjoy the fun toy, and they'll double as a light to help drivers see your kiddos as they run from house to house!

What are you planning on handing out this year? Tell us about it the comments below!