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Whether you want to collect antique guns, sell an inherited firearm, or just learn how much your hunting rifle is worth, an appraisal is a helpful thing to have on any type of firearm. An insurance appraisal tells you the market and replacement value of the gun (today’s market value) so you could informatively sell it to a firearms store or private buyer.

Why Should You Have an Appraisal Done on a Firearm?

  • Insurance: Make a claim due to damage or theft
  • Divorce: Determine the value to settle
  • Charitable Donation: Determine the value for giving
  • Resale: Determine value for estate auctions or private buyers

Important Factors for Firearm Appraisal Values

Just a few of the things that will affect a gun’s appraisal value include the type of firearm it is, the make and model, age, and the condition. Knowing this information makes it easier to quickly determine its value.

Know what type of firearm it is.

  • Your rifle could have more value than a handgun. Likewise, an antique handgun from the 1800s could have more value than that 10-year-old hunting rifle.  

Know the make and model, including the year and caliber.

  • The caliber is the diameter of the bore, which is measured in millimeters or hundredths of an inch. Knowing the year is important because a rare gun is going to have more value than one that’s among thousands manufactured. All of this information reflects how much it cost to make the gun, as more intricate models will have a higher value (since they would be harder to manufacture). Whether it’s a SIG Sauer, Smith & Wesson, or Ruger, this will help determine the reliability, accuracy, and quality of the gun.
  • Provenance refers to a gun’s historical associations, such as previous owners or if it was part of a famous collection or has interesting ties to historical events. If a celebrity (whether famous or infamous) ever owned the firearm, or it was part of a well-known historic battle, it’s going to increase in value.

Know what “action” it has.

  • Action refers to the part of the gun that gets loaded and where the empty bullet casing is ejected. It could be lever-action, semi-automatic, pump-action, or bolt action.
  • The condition and overall appearance of the firearm play a factor in its appraisal value. A gun that’s well taken care of will have a higher value than one that’s rarely cleaned or maintained.

If you’re wondering how much your gun is worth or where to get it appraised, check out the Blue Book of Gun Values as well as local auction houses and sporting goods stores. You can also have it appraised online by uploading photos.

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