Virginia has been ranked as one of the top 10 states to live in!

In case you are having trouble choosing your next place to live, Virginia ranked No. 7 on WalletHub's "Best States to Live" list! If you don't already live in this great state, you might want to consider moving here! Any Virginian would already tell you how great it is because we have every living situation you could want, including the mountains, woods, country, and the beach! 

(We also recently reported on how great Virginia is at naming their towns and how hard they are to pronounce!)

See the ranking map below:

Courtesy of WalletHub

When it comes down to choosing your next and hopefully permanent place to live, there is a lot to take into consideration. For instance, you worry about how the economy will stand out, how the education system is, what the weather will be year round, and how safe it is to live there. 

That's why WalletHub did the dirty work for you and ranked all 50 states based on several factors, including affordability, economy, education and health, quality of life, and safety! Each was ranked on a 20-point scale. Here is Virginia stacked up in each of the categories:

  • Affordability | 18
  • Economy | 13
  • Education and Health | 19
  • Quality of Life | 19
  • Safety | 10

Not bad, Virginia, not bad – in fact, it's great!

Coming in ahead of Virginia were Massachusetts (No. 1), Minnesota (No. 2), New Hampshire (No. 3), New Jersey (No. 4), Colorado (No. 5), and Wisconsin (No. 6).

What's the best part about Virginia? Virginia is for lovers! Even our animal population is known for being "lovers" – Loggerhead turtles just laid eggs on the North End side of Virginia Beach. and the Virginia Zoo welcomed several babies in recent weeks!  

And, if you don't already think this state is great, Virginia ranked Budweiser as the "most popular" beer, showing that Virginians do love a good cheap drink! 

Virginia is for Lovers

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Anyone who lives in the Commonwealth of Virginia will tell you how proud and happy they are to be a Virginian! So, why don't you check it out for yourself?!

What is your favorite part of living in Virginia? Which town to do you live in? Tell us in the comments!