Everybody poops. 

There's no shame in pooping. Even the most glorious of us have to poop—hopefully on a daily basis at the very least. And in a world as busy as ours, the bathroom has become a sacred space. Why shouldn't we deck it out with the very best accessories to heighten the overall elimination experience?

We're not talking about your run-of-the-mill plunger or toilet brush. Those should come standard with every bathroom.

No, we've gone a few steps further and pulled together a list of nine best products that are guaranteed to improve your bathroom time exponentially.

Because "dropping the kids off at the pool" should be more than just an errand or chore. There should be music, lights ... a lovely fountain ... Whatever it takes.

All of these accessories would make for great "holiday gifts", or you could just buy them for yourself. You deserve the very best, after all. 

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