Here are some tips to make your checkout experience smoother as you join the throngs of holiday shoppers!

This is the time of year when shopping gets a bit more challenging (read: crazy). Here's what retail workers want you to remember as you attempt to survive Black Friday and beyond:


Retail doesn't pay well unless you're in management, and for some of the store employees, this is their only source of income. Respect their hustle!


Lines are going to keep getting longer -- we all know that. Seasonal employees may be learning the ropes, and all of the employees are entitled to breaks: potty breaks, lunch breaks, sanity breaks ... Don't get angry if you see someone leave a register; you have no clue how long they've already been on their feet that day. Crush some candy while you wait for your turn!


Have mobile coupons pulled up on your phone when you get to the register. With extra shoppers, the Wifi gets very slow and you're going to hold up the line if you haven't got them ready to go.

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Don't argue with the cashiers about using expired coupons, "store cash," or invalid returns. Seriously, this isn't the time to try and pull a fast one. Calling a manager will only make you look bad if you're trying to do something shady. 

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As you head out to get all of your holiday gifts, remember these tips and don't forget -- there's always shopping online! Most of the deals you see in the stores are just as good, and the variety (colors, sizes, etc.) is probably better than at a brick-and-mortar store.

See you in the trenches!

Do you have any tips for staying sane while holiday shopping? Let us know in the comments below!