Ham-printed hammock arrives just in time for summer lounging and sandwich season. 

Where to start with this one. Let's begin with I'm 98 percent sure this isn't a joke. I mean, you can go online and buy one of these, so it can't get realer than that? This seriously seems like something straight out of Homer Simpson's wildest dreams.

Yes, you too can cocoon yourself in a ham-like swath of fabric this summer thanks to The Honey Baked Ham Company. Add a ham sandwich to that scenario and I can't decide whether its a genius marketing ploy or slightly disturbing. 

"The Honey Baked Ham Company is introducing the ultimate summer essential - a HoneyBaked Hammock. The HoneyBaked Hammock is perfect for lazy summer days lounging by the pool, in the backyard…or whenever you're eating ham," says The Honey Baked Ham website

This meat sling is just one of the several offerings in the "HBH Collection." You can also pick up other ham-hocked gifts like an HBH baseball hat or a Crave the Glaze scented candle. Perhaps you'd like to treat yourself to a relaxation kit, which comes with a ham-scented candle, an eye mask, and three aromatherapy bath balls.

While this may be 'sacrilicious' to say, the hammock also slightly resembles bacon, so if you have bacon lovers in your house, this could also be a hit. 

Ham Hammock

Courtesy of The Honeybaked Ham Company.

The HAMmock is just another stop in a strange, weird journey into recent food-related decor and household items. Cheeseburger-scented candles are a thing. KFC surprised us all with a fried chicken-scented burn log, letting chicken lovers enjoy the smell throughout their house. Did you ever want to wrap yourself up like a burrito? You're in luck because Free by Love was selling tortilla blankets on Amazon in the recent past. 

It truly is the golden age for food lovers everywhere. 

What do you think? Will you be trying out the HAMmock or is it a half (honey)-baked idea? Let us know in the comments (and share pictures because it's something we really need to see to believe)!