Forget "bad luck" and shower affection on your spooky feline pal this October 27!

October 27 is National Black Cat Day, and as cat lovers, we couldn't be any more excited. With their sleek coats and cunning personalities, black cats are like mini panthers prowling through your home. They're Halloween's official mascot and the trusted companions of witches. In short, they're the personification of spooky. Yet we would be amiss if we didn't address the superstitious elephant in the room.

You've probably heard the familiar refrain of black cats being "bad luck." Between their association with witchcraft and the myths of a black cat crossing your path, it seems they've never been able to shake their superstitious past. Well, we're looking to change that.

If you look throughout history, you'll see black cats were considered anything but unlucky. Take a look at ancient Egypt, whose worship of cats is well-documented, including the female goddess Bastet portrayed with a cat's head (and kittens at her side!) In Japan, black cats signal good luck and prosperous wealth while pirates prided them for their mouse-hunting abilities aboard ship. And don't forget the beloved felines in Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Hocus Pocus!

If you own black cats, chances are you're already aware of their greatness. But just in case, here are a few ways you can celebrate them this Tuesday, October 27.


Courtesy of Pixabay


Treat your favorite feline to a little TLC with playtime or a good cuddle-sesh. Let them claim your lap like a throne while reading or watching TV, or surprise them with a yummy treat. Sometimes it's something simple like showing them affection that lets your kitty know you care!

black cat

Courtesy of Petfinder


Not only are black cats the least likely to be adopted, but they're also euthanized the most due to their frequent presence in shelters. This statistic is disturbing, but it can be undone by adopting one of your own! The next time you're looking to add a furry friend to the fold, consider a beautiful black cat. There's nothing better than giving a forever home to a kitty in need!


Courtesy of Southampton Animal Shelter


Not ready to adopt your own? Consider fostering a cat, especially a black one. Fostering in your home prepares cats for eventual adoption, as well as clearing space at animal shelters, which makes it easier for them to take in more cats needing homes. Many animal shelters around the country offer foster programs. If you're interested, contact your local animal shelter for more information.

black cats

Courtesy of Loudoun County Animal Services


If pet ownership isn't in the cards, you can never go wrong with donating. Donate money to an organization you respect, or volunteer your time at an animal shelter. Doing your part can make all the difference—and staff and cats alike are sure to appreciate your help! 

How will you be celebrating National Black Cat Day? Do you have black cats of your own? Let us know in the comments!