Go ahead and burrow into your winter bedding. You're not leaving the house for a month.

The holidays are over, which means there's little to keep us busy, social, and motivated to go outside. The bleak winter weather and lack of happenings are making us envy the bears and the bees, because wouldn't it be nice to just sleep until it's over? 

While we can't just close our eyes until it's warm again, we can take the uneventful month of January as a time to stay indoors, practice self-care, and just allow ourselves to take it easy after the holiday rush. Here's how to make it through. 

Get all the delivery apps. 

If you have an Amazon Prime account, you can have your groceries delivered within a couple of hours for free -- you just pay the tip. No need to weather the storm in order to access your hot cocoa; just have it delivered to your door. You can also elect to use Instacart, and you'll want to have Postmates or Grubhub on hand for those already-cooked meals when you're too beat to fire up the stove. 

Stock up on tissues, immune boosters, and healthy food. 

It's that time of year when a lot of people get sick, but staying indoors will help, as will eating healthy food and consuming elderberry and zinc. Also, check out Healthline's guide to 15 immune-boosting foods, and make sure to grab some of these items when you have your groceries delivered. 

Pick a few streaming shows to binge watch. 

You're going to need some entertainment, and you're sure to need more than one season. If you need suggestions, check out our guide to binge-worthy streaming shows. More of a film buff? There are plenty of amazing movies you can watch for free with your library card in addition to all the content on Netflix and Amazon Prime. 

Dress warm and cozy. 

Ditch your jeans for sweatpants, a robe, and a good pair of slippers. Why not? You're staying indoors. We also suggest getting a heated blanket and watching fireplace videos on your TV. 

Plan an at-home fitness schedule. 

Our version of hibernating doesn't mean giving up on your health entirely -- in fact, we think January is the perfect time to develop an at-home fitness routine. It's a lot harder to hit the gym or studio than it is to roll out of bed and turn on a YouTube video during the winter, so take advantage of some of the free content that's out there. Our favorites are Popsugar Fitness, Yoga with Adriene (she has an entire 30-day free program coming out January 2nd), Tone it Up, Christine Salus, and Fitness Blender

Host a meetup or potluck. 

If you're friends aren't hibernating as well, you don't need to abandon your social life; just host an event and ask people to come to you. A potluck is an inexpensive way to bring people together out of the cold. Or, consider hosting a game night, karaoke night, book club, or any other group centered around a shared interest, and invite people from your community. 

You might have to leave the house to go to work each day, but following these tips will limit your exposure to the elements. Stay cozy in January, folks -- it's going to be a long one. 

What are your plans for the coming winter months? Let us know in the comments. 

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