Fashion Week just ended, and we’ve been exposed to all sorts of glamorous, fun, and sometimes even crazy pieces for the spring season.

But how do incorporate high-fashion pieces into our everyday lives -- especially in a town like Washington, D.C.? This guide will lead you through the top trends and how to wear them in a stylish, yet functional, manner. Here are five favorite Fashion Week trends from the spring 2018 season and advice on how to rock each one in and around Washington, D.C.

Art-infused prints (or really any print at all)

Fashion is paying homage to the arts this season. Runways were filled with pieces featuring artwork from the greats on full display. Think an abstract Picasso or Dali on your blouse or dress. While that’s beautiful and fun, it also may not be practical to wear to the office, unless you’re making a really bold statement. Start with a graphic print on a button-down or silk blouse, and move up to a printed pant. Make sure that you’re pairing your prints with something muted, so your outfit feels cohesive and not overpowering. If you really can’t see yourself wearing something that loud, start even smaller by just incorporating more print into your everyday life, whether that be florals or plaid (both of which are also very in this season!), or maybe something small and dainty like a polka dot. The nice thing about a trend like print is that you can adjust it based on your comfort level.
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Dark denim (not just jeans!)

Who can go wrong with denim? And it’s always so nice to see something so functional like dark denim come back into fashion. If your style is more traditional, and you’ve been dying to whip out those classic-cut dark wash jeans out of the back of your closet, now is your time. But if you’re looking for ways to get more creative with it, there are plenty of opportunities for that, too. Pick up a jean jacket and style it over a sundress, either with cute sandals, or a pair of sneakers for a more casual vibe. The runways are featuring a lot of "denim-on-denim" this season, and if you’re willing to go there, try pairing your favorite jeans with a dark denim jacket. Make sure you’re not mixing too many washes together, though. And for the weekend, try out a pair of overalls. They’re no longer reserved for farmers or the late '90s, and they've become very popular over the last couple years. Style them with a neutral colored t-shirt and a pair of white sneakers for a completely effortless look.
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Fringe is fun and different, and very far from the usual thing you typically see on Washington, D.C., streets. But that’s all the more reason to be a trendsetter. Fringe makes a statement, so you have to be careful about how and where you wear it. At your next cocktail party, ditch the sheath dress and go for a black or silver fringe piece. For a night out with your girlfriends, sport a fringy mini skirt and a pair of knee-high boots. The key is to make sure your fringe is in a neutral, preferably darker (black is always the way to go) shade. And if you want fringe in your life on a more consistent basis, pick up a handbag with fringe elements.
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Trench coats

Spring brings rainy days and that in-between weather, so what better way to look stylish than a trench coat? The great thing about trench coats is that they never go out of style and literally match everything you could possibly have in your wardrobe. If you’re going to wear one every day, go for a classic, structured one to layer over your work suits or dark denim jeans (double the trends!). Trenches are worthy investment pieces, so if you’re going to spend money on any of these trends, make it this one. Fashion, of course, doesn’t always accommodate the practical, so if you’re feeling whimsical or looking for a special occasion coat, look to the runways to find all the flowy, sheer, patterned styles for spring.
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Pastels (think lavenders and soft pinks)

One of the more predictable trends this spring is the use of pastel colors. It’s just a natural fit to wear softer colors like pinks and lavenders this time of year. Lavender really had a moment during fashion week, and there are so many ways to incorporate it into your spring wardrobe. Look for flowy dresses or skirts, or maybe a sheer blouse that you could tuck into something. Get creative and play around with lavender accessories, such as a beautiful hair clip or pendant necklace. Pastels have such a '70s vibe to them, but they can also get prissy if styled the wrong way, so embrace your inner hippie and don’t take yourself too seriously.
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Fashion trends should always be incorporated into your life in the way you feel most confident wearing them. If something isn’t working for you, don’t wear it. That being said, though, have fun with trends! Experiment with different styles until you find your signature. Washington, D.C., is not a city known for its fashion, but if more people expressed themselves through their clothes and presented their most true version with their style, D.C. would blossom. Don’t fear loving fashion; start a trend of embracing it, and who knows what might happen? What are your favorite Fashion Week trends? Tell us in the comments!

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