You don't have to be sneaky about grabbing your sneakers. These quick ideas will easily add steps to your day.

Most days are overbooked at best. You wake up and hit the floor running as you get yourself, and possibly your family, ready for the day. Most people would like to add steps to help reach their daily goal, but who can find an extra 30 minutes or even an hour to walk?

Start by setting a walking goal per day. Many phones already have a health app that tracks your steps. If your phone doesn't come equipped with such an app, there are plenty of free health apps for both the iPhone and Droid. Look at your step history, and set an appropriate goal for this coming week. Are you wanting to increase by 500 steps a day? Reach 10,000 steps on most days? Set a goal that's attainable and right for you.

With just a few changes each day, you might find that increasing your steps is easier than you expect.

Instead of meeting for coffee, meet at the trail.

There's nothing quite like catching up with a good friend over coffee. But when you're trying to get in extra steps, skip the coffee house and head for the trail. You can have the same conversations and connect well while strolling outdoors with a good friend. 

And don't let bad weather stop you. If outdoors is not an option, opt for a walk at an indoor mall or indoor track at your neighborhood recreation center.

Set your alarm 15 minutes earlier.

Okay, hear me out. I know you night owls are groaning at this point. But, 15 minutes? I think you can do this! You might not be able to find 30 minutes for a full workout, but a 15-minute walk in your neighborhood is a great way to start the day.

You might catch the beautiful sunrise or have 15 minutes all to yourself to ponder the coming day. Walking in the morning not only benefits you physically but is restorative to the soul.

Park further away.

We live in a hurry and want to find the closest spot to get into the store and quickly get back to our vehicle. It doesn't take much time at all to cross the parking lot on foot, and the steps will add up to big results.

You might even consider a couple of good acts on the way like returning a cart to the corral or picking up a piece of trash.

Take the stairs.

While shopping or at the office, opt for the stairs over escalators and elevators. Especially when you consider the time you spend waiting for the elevator to arrive on your floor, the stairs can actually save you time.

The first couple of days that you're using the stairs, you might find you're winded as you reach your destination. Give it a couple of weeks, and you'll be pleased with the health you gain just by taking the stairs.

Stroll rather than scroll.

Online shopping is amazingly convenient. Consider the difference, though, between placing a household product order while sitting on your couch and walking up and down the aisles of a department store.

Get creative around the house.

You can add steps while you're doing everyday tasks. Walk around the bathroom or hallway as you brush your teeth. Or, choose to use the bathroom on a different floor. Pace around your house or yard while talking on the phone. Carry grocery bags in from the car—one bag at a time.

Especially with full schedules, it can be difficult to find an extra block of time to walk. Consider what you're already doing and how you can add some steps to your current activities.

How many steps do you get in every day? Share in the comments.