You don't have to be single to be anti-Valentine's Day. If you're tired of all the commercialization or just don't want to get dressed up for an over-priced dinner, why not throw an anti-Valentine's Day party?

Let's face it -- Being alone on Valentine's Day sucks. It's impossible to get a nice meal without being surrounded by table after table of lovestruck couples, so why not make your own fun? Get a bunch of like-minded people to come over for an anti-Valentine's Day party, and forego the awful restaurant wait times.

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The Decor

Banish everything that is pink and red. The more goth, the better. Now would be a good time to break out your leftover Halloween streamers and black balloons. Don't forget to fashion a pin-the-restraining-order-on-the-ex game!

The Menu

A potluck for this type of gathering would be fun. What about creating a food theme like One Night in Bangkok (take-out pad thai, curries, and mango sticky rice) or the Wild Wild West (chili, grilled cheese, and cornbread)? As the host, you should provide nibbles and at least one signature drink. Maybe a big jug of mimosas with some inexpensive sparkling wine?

Things to Do

You can always watch a good love-gone-wrong movie like Fatal Attraction or even the new Netflix show, You ... they'll make you think twice about going on your next blind date. It might also be fun to switch phones and play Cupid on your buddy's Tinder account, but be nice! You never know what creep they might end up with by the end of it all!

If you're into arts and crafts, here is a quick tutorial on how to make a voodoo doll. You can also use these templates to make some nice anti-Valentines for one another!

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Besides hanging out and eating good food, take the time to really celebrate your friendships. On a day when the world is shoving couple-dom in everyone's faces, be that oasis of acceptance that everyone needs. Oh, and booze -- have lots of booze and chocolate. It is, after all, a party.

Have you thrown an anti-Valentine's Day party? What are some of your best ideas? Let us know in the comments below!

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